About Us

About Me:

I am a 21 year old, married, stay at home mom of 1.  If you were to meet me on the street you would probably think I am a very average person in a very normal family, but my husband and I are in the closet about a lot of things.  Not only are we exploring polyamory, but we also share a very functional Domestic Discipline relationship as well.

Prior to dating my husband, I was in a poly-amorous relationship with a married couple with children.  I had never even given polyamory a thought until the opportunity fell upon me.  I entered the relationship thinking it was an experience I could add to my list, but other than that I didn’t really expect to get much out of it.  After being in the relationship, I could clearly see it’s benefits and it just felt. . .right.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them and we only ended up breaking up because I moved away to college.  Since then, I have been in strictly monogamous relationships, but the idea of being in another polyamorous relationship has never left my mind.

About Him:

My husband is a 23 year old truck driver who works very hard so that I am able to stay home and care for our daughter.  He is the nicest man you will ever meet and he has the biggest heart.  He is a fun loving man that loves to laugh and have a good time.  My husband doesn’t have any experience in the polyamory department, but he didn’t have any experience with spanking or Domestic Discipline either, but he has made a lot of progress 😀  My poor vanilla husband didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he met me and oh the adventures we have shared.


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