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My husband and I have bought a house and with that have decided to start seeking out other relationships and dates.  I have to say it’s a little difficult.   Not only is it weird trying to date again, but it is quite difficult to find people open to a relationship with someone that is already married.

My husband and I have been doing most of our searches online because we aren’t really comfortable doing so in a bar.  Meeting someone that you have chemistry with is hard enough without being married and seeking out socially unacceptable relationships. 

We have talked to a few different women, some even very promising, but when the topic of sex comes up jo one seems to make it any further.  My husband and I are rather kinky.  We practice domestic discipline with light D/s and bdsm.  So…we have some pretty major deal breakers. 

Frustrated, but not giving up.  I am trying to keep the mindset that anyone I am meant to be with will more or less fall in my lap.

Lover girl.  Where are you?