What We Are Looking For

My husband and I started our journey looking for a single, bisexual, female that we could both share a relationship with.  We would both love her, and she would love the both of us.  It would be perfect.  Well. . .after doing a lot of research and talking with other people from the polyamory community I realized I was looking for something nearly impossible to find.  Many couples like us search for the same thing and, more often than not, it goes horribly wrong.  So my husband and I came together, sat down, and had a very lengthy discussion about what we are really looking for and hoping to find.  We read a lot of articles and talked with different people about better ways to go about this.  We have agreed to, instead, date separately.  I will date women on my own and form my own relationships while my husband does the same.  We would still love for a triad to form, but we aren’t going to seek out that type of relationship.

What I am looking for:

I am looking for a bisexual or lesbian female that is around my age to start a relationship with.

-Be bisexual or a lesbian
-Like/love children
-At least tolerate dogs and not be allergic to them
-Be open minded to spanking and Domestic Discipline
-Be comfortable with us being in the closet at least temporarily. We plan to come out at a later date once we are more comfortable and have established relationships.

-Kinky (This isn’t a must, but I am really hoping to find someone that is sexually creative, open minded, and gets into some light BDSM and DD)
-Dom or sub, I have been interested in exploring relationships where I can either dominate or submit to another woman. I have not tried either of these scenarios and would like to explore both so I am open to dating women that are either Dom or sub or a switch!
-Likes to have a few drinks now and again
-Shares similar interests such as: reading, writing, blogging, cooking, working out, shopping, watching movies. . .

It’s been a while since I have dated anyone, men or women, but even longer since I have dated a woman. There isn’t too much that I am specifically looking for, I just want a good person that I have chemistry with that at least gets along with my husband.

What he’s looking for:

My husband is looking for a bi or straight woman that shares some of his interests.

We share the same musts except my husband isn’t looking for a lesbian 😛

-Enjoys outdoorsy things like fishing, races (car), four wheeling, and getting dirty.

My husband is open minded to many different type of women and he is also just looking for one that he has good chemistry with and can do some of the things that I have no interest doing.


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